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Work Together

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What to expect while we are working together:

  • In-person or virtual appointments (your choice!)

  • A comprehensive initial assessment to review all components of your health history

  • Access to conventional or advanced lab tests that will help us find the root cause of your symptoms & guide specific treatments 

  • A plan that includes nutrition, lifestyle & supplements that is completely individualized to you  

  • Follow up appointments to provide accountability, celebrate progress and modify your plan as needed

  • Unlimited messaging support between sessions

  • Discounted supplements from my professional grade online supplement dispensary

Benefits of Functional Lab Testing


I offer several specialty functional lab tests in my practice.

 These give great direction regarding your symptoms and specifics for your treatment plan. Some examples

  • DUTCH Hormone Test -Looks at at sex hormones, adrenal function, cortisol pattern, melatonin, some nutritional markers, neurotransmitters & beyond. 

       Good for: Hormone imbalances, sleep/stress issues, PCOS,                    Endometriosis, fertility& libido issues


  • GI MAP Stool Test-Takes a look at pathogens, parasites, dysbiosis, immune function, digestion & inflammation in the gut. 

      Good for: GI symptoms, poor energy, nutrient deficiencies,                    recurrent UTI's or yeast infections, estrogen dominance, frequent           illness, frequent antibiotic use

  • HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis)-Shows us what is going on inside the cell & lets us know what stage of stress we are in. Gives a 3 month average of mineral status

       Good for:​ Metabolism, thyroid health, adrenal health, pre-                     conception, post-partum, hormone balance

Schedule a FREE discovery call as an opportunity to ask any questions and see if we would be a good fit to work together.

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